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Liysa Callsen speaker, coach, and comedian grew up with Deaf parents and her husband is Deaf too. It’s like she’s collecting Deaf people. Liysa can hear, however, American Sign Language is her first language. As a bicultural and bilingual individual she developed transformational ways of communicating for those who want to be heard. Communication is key in any language. By the way - while talking to a Deaf person, there is no need to raise your voice. It won’t help them hear you better. Seriously, it distorts your face. Don’t do it.

​Drawing on life experiences, Liysa uses stories, improvisation, audience participation, and tips to help give you a fresh perspective on your obstacles. She will teach you to use humor in life and in business, help you embrace diversity to form stronger teams, and teach you the art of communicating beyond words.

Liysa trained with Second City Chicago and has turned her passion for business and humor into workshops, speaking engagements, and writings.

Meet Liysa’s delighted clients

quote I enjoyed your presentation and I could see that the students were taking in the experience as well. You brought a great message of teamwork and communication that is needed by business and industry and what better way than to share that message with them as they embark on their job search. It will set them up for success!
  Foua Hang
  Lakeshore Technical College

quote Liysa Callsen is a remarkable entertainment professional who uses clean humor and real life situations to brighten, lighten, and encourage people.
  Brenda VanderZanden
  Promotions & Events Manager for
  the Manawa Chamber of Commerce

quote Liysa Callsen’s professional standards heightened the show. Her enthusiastic humor as master of ceremonies heightened the audience’s interest and set the stage for the performers to share their love of entertainment. Her recommendations during the organization of the show and attention to the audience reception enabled the show to be a huge success.
  Chris Neumeyer
  Keeping Music Alive

quote Liysa provided tools that were essential to workplace and life communication, and they were immediately and easily applicable. The “yes and” method was practical and fun. By utilizing what I've learned from Liysa, I see opportunities as they are (rather than as obstacles). I thought I was naturally a “yes and” person – this made me see I can improve tremendously!
  Ryan Kauth
  Wisconsin Small Business Development
  Center (SBDC) at UW-Green Bay

quote Liysa Callsen is a wonderful coach and I would highly recommend her. If you are looking for someone to help you reach that next level she's your woman. She takes time to get to know you, to find out your hopes and dreams. She'll push you and really make you think about what you want out of life. I was encouraged and inspired by Liysa. She has such a fun laid back approach to serious topics which makes the whole experience that much better. Thank you again Liysa for helping me become a better me!
  Melissa Waack
  Mel's Mugs Photography

quote Liysa provided me with tips I could apply in my life right away! The day after her workshop, I went to work and shared what I had learned. I noticed an improvement in attitude right away! We were smiling more, laughing more, and being more patient with each other. Thank you Liysa!
  Bobbi Jo Johnson

Inspiration with a whole lotta laughs!

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